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Pets Xtra Specialises in Birds

Pets Xtra is a pet store with a difference. We not only supply amazing pets and accessories, but we also take an ethical stance on bestes online casino. As part of our business, we take in rescue animals and look to rehome them for free. And we provide an “animal food bank” as a resource for those people in our community who don’t have the means to provide for their own animals.

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Premium Care

Pets Xtra specialises in birds. As a family firm, we are committed to making sure that all the animals that we keep are maintained in the best possible conditions. We never cram our animals into cages to save on space. We genuinely care about the animals in our stewardship and work hard to make sure that they have the best lives possible.

Animal Nutrition

Rescue Bird

We Genuinely Care

At Pets Xtra, we all have pets of our own and, as a result, we’re passionate about catering to our animals’ individual needs and best online casino uk. Whether they are rescue pets or not, we treat all of our animals as if they are our own.


City and guilds NVQ3 approved and qualified.

Animals Daycare

All of our birds and reptiles receive fresh bedding on a daily basis. And we go out of our way to make sure that our animals are supplied with the fruit and vegetables that they need to obtain a balanced diet. We never cut costs, just to sell more animals or make a bigger profit.

Boarding for animals


Better Life for Animals

Every year, thousands of animals in the UK are rescued and rehomed. Most of them aren’t cute little puppies or kittens. They are animals that have group up through heartbreaking experiences. Rescued animals have unique and sometimes challenging personalities.

Animal rescue

Animal Health Care

When you think of the term “ambulatory animal hospitals”, what comes to mind is usually a hospital that treats animals that are sick, injured or in need of surgery. However, an ambulatory animal hospital can also take care of animals that are recovering from injury or illness.

Animal hospitals