About us

Cats Hugging Each Other

Pets Xtra is an online club, dedicated to the welfare of our animals and the wider community. We’re passionate about the health and wellbeing of all the animals in our care. Our’s mission is to foster a culture of responsible pet ownership. The decision to take a pet even small one from the shelter or store must be a conscious one, which is why we help potential owners prepare for life with a new friend: to acquire the necessary knowledge about nutrition, housing, behaviour, and the nuances that may arise after taking in a pet. Helping homeless animals is our chance to make the world a kinder place.

We never know when an animal might need urgent help, but we do know that we must always be ready to provide it. Our goal is to make everyone learn as much as possible about animals, their care, nutrition and rescue.

Kindness, compassion and caring for the weak ones always return a hundredfold. People help animals, and helping animals help people cannot be overstated.