Tasty and Healthy Nutrition for Pets

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Thousands of families in our local community are struggling to make ends meet. Often, many responsible pet owners will deny themselves proper nutrition, just so that they can afford to feed their pets. At Pets Xtra we believe that nobody should have to live in this way. We’re dedicated to preventing this from happening in our community and to stopping animals and owners from needlessly suffering.

A pet’s digestive tract is a frequent headache for the owner, as problems with it are so common that they are among the most common. And this in no way includes accidentally swallowed pills or other substances that the pet might find in the street.

One of the most common causes of gastrointestinal problems is poor quality food. Owners simply give their pets food that has gone bad. And poor quality food itself may contain some dangerous chemicals (toxins).

Often the owner, in good faith, wants to pamper his pet with food from his own table. This is strictly forbidden! Not all pets can eat such food, and the consequences can be such that the animal can even die. Chocolate, even in small quantities, can cause poisoning. For example, the consumption of grapes by an animal causes kidney problems. Fatty and fried foods cause pancreatic inflammation. In addition, not all animals tolerate dairy products well. They tend to get diarrhoea. And the problem of an overweight animal is a very real one these days.

Veterinary practice shows that once an animal suffers from a gastrointestinal illness, it can happen again. In such cases, doctors recommend “keeping” the pet on a strict diet.

Rules to keep your pet healthy

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Important rules that all cat and dog owners should adhere to in order to avoid gastrointestinal problems:

  • stop feeding them food from the table altogether;
  • avoid fried, smoked, spicy or salty food;
  • do not feed the animal any uncooked food;
  • do not give pork to the animal;
  • exclude all sweets;

Avoid foreign fruits and vegetables that are not seasonally ripe.

Get into the habit of feeding your pet with fresh food that does not raise any suspicions about its quality. It’s especially important to pay attention to the condition of the food during hot weather. You should also avoid giving your pet raw food – everything needs to be heat-treated.

There are two types of feeding:

  1. Prepare food yourself from natural ingredients.
  2. Buy ready-made food as intended (industrial food).

There is a huge variety of foods for cats and dogs today. Be that as it may, the statement of many that the food is solid chemicals – absurd. Quality food contains so many vitamins and minerals, that it is enough for the normal healthy life of the pet. And the fact that there are premium foods is a very important argument for some.

Veterinary practice shows that those pets who eat exclusively industrial food (preferably premium) are less likely to have gastrointestinal problems. But it should be understood that not every food is suitable for all animals. There are peculiarities. Sometimes the most expensive and highest quality food is not digested by the stomach of the animal, while cheaper food is exceptionally suitable. But, and intolerance of food is much rarer than intolerance of some ingredient in ordinary food.

Each owner should decide for himself what to feed his animal. But in any case the choice should be made on quality and wholesome food. A varied diet can end up being much more difficult for your pet than you might think. Every owner is responsible for his or her pet.

In cases where you decide what to feed your pet yourself, you need to realise that animals need the same vitamins and minerals as humans do. However, the portions of these vitamins and minerals will be slightly different than for humans. You can read the literature on this subject, which will describe everything in detail. It will take a long time to calculate it correctly. But at first it will be easier and quicker, as you can work out the portions. Your pet will also be happy to see you cheerful and in peak condition. And you should be aware that what you feed your little dog or kitten is not suitable for an adult, nor is it suitable for one that is young and very active.

In the case of food, this is much easier. All foods are divided into many groups: by age, by sex, by personality, by breed and so on. There are also foods that are prescribed during a diet. Premium pet foods contain everything a pet needs to live a full life. The ingredients are carefully selected and balanced. The dosage is specified on each package. This makes it very easy to take care of your pet’s diet. And you don’t have to worry about what to feed him.

As for whether or not you should feed him food exclusively, or vice versa, that is the choice of the pet owner. He alone decides what is easiest and best for him and his pet. Any questions about the nutrition of cats and dogs will be answered by a veterinarian. If necessary, he will tell you what to feed your pet and what to avoid.