Natures Menu Dog Food Review

Natures Menu dog food is designed to provide your pet with all the nutrients they need, without the use of preservatives, chemicals or additives. The beef and tripe dog food is perfect for feeding your adult dog every day, and it has a high meat content without adding fillers which can be harmful to your dog’s health. You can even get a pouch for your dog that does not contain any fillers which can cause allergies.


Nature’s Menu dog food is made with high quality ingredients that promote good health in dogs. This food is low in calories and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It’s also wheat and gluten-free, which helps to reduce the risk of allergies and digestive sensitivities. The recipes are also high in protein.

This brand uses human-grade poultry and red meat, sustainably-sourced fish and botanicals, seeds and natural oils in its food. The company works with carefully selected suppliers to source these ingredients. The process is traceable at every step. It’s also produced in a factory in Norfolk, which was built in 2018. The company has complete control of the manufacturing process, and their policies protect the welfare of animals during production.

In addition to meat and poultry, Nature’s Menu uses organ meat as an important source of protein and dietary fiber. In addition to muscle meat, organ meat includes chicken liver and is a valuable source of copper and vitamin A. In addition, brown rice is used in both dry and wet food recipes. It’s considered superior to white rice and provides a great carbohydrate base for dogs.

Nature’s Menu dog food is a quality brand. However, its ingredients can cause adverse reactions in dogs of any size. This is why it’s important to read the label carefully before feeding your dog. If you suspect that your dog has been exposed to salmonella, contact the manufacturer. Consumers can return contaminated products to the store where they bought them for a full refund.

Mossy Oak Nature’s Menu dog food is made by a company that specializes in outdoor living. The company produces two dry formulas for dogs. The product line has AAFCO nutrient profiles for both products. This data is provided for all life stages. Each recipe is also available for supplementation.

Nutritional value

Mossy Oak Nature’s Menu dog food receives a mid-tier rating from the AAFCO. It contains two dry dog foods, both of which have AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages. The dog food is low in fat, but has a high protein content. It also contains a moderate amount of named meat meal as the main source of animal protein.

The company has an in-house team of veterinarians that approve each meal. They do this to make sure that the ingredients in their dog food are nourishing and palatable. Moreover, the company sources meat from trusted suppliers that are completely free of nasties. This makes the food easy to digest.

Natures Menu uses human-grade poultry, red meat, sustainably-sourced fish, and botanicals. Their ingredients are traceable through every step. In addition, the company manufactures its products in a factory located in Norfolk, where it has complete control of the manufacturing process. They also have strict animal welfare policies.

Natures Menu offers two distinct varieties of wet and dry food for dogs. Both wet and dry dog food recipes are rich in animal protein, which is essential for your dog’s health. It also includes chicken liver, which is high in copper and an excellent source of vitamins. Furthermore, Natures Menu uses brown rice as a base for its recipes. Unlike white rice, brown rice provides a high-quality carbohydrate base.

Natures Menu’s chicken meal provide a high proportion of animal protein and fat. The meat meal has been dried and stripped of moisture before manufacturing. This makes it a dense source of protein. Soybean meal also adds a low-cost source of protein, but it has less biological value than meat protein.

Grain-free option

When switching to a grain-free diet for your dog, make sure to choose one that is high in meat protein and low in carbohydrates. This type of diet is better suited to your dog’s ancestry as a natural carnivore. Dogs instinctively crave raw meat and choose it over grain if given the choice. This is why Nature’s Menu offers a grain-free recipe with a high concentration of animal protein.

The Salmon & Potato recipe in Nature’s Menu contains protein and carbohydrates that are beneficial to your dog. However, this recipe is lacking in some important nutrients, such as taurine, an amino acid essential for heart health. The FDA has linked grain-free diets to an increased risk of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs. You can help your dog’s health by adding taurine supplements and probiotics.

A grain-free diet is not appropriate for all dogs, but it’s appropriate for those with food allergies. If you notice a change in your dog’s behavior or has other signs of a food allergy, your vet might recommend a grain-free diet. In addition to the benefits of grain-free dog food, a grain-free diet is also best for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Another grain-free option in Natures Menu dog food is the gluten-free recipe. This diet does not contain grains, but instead substitutes them with legumes, which can cause dilated cardiomyopathy and other health problems. Additionally, the grain-free diet can lead to a loss of protein, fiber, and fatty acids. But you can rest assured that you’re still giving your dog the best quality food for its unique needs and body chemistry.

When choosing a grain-free dog food, choose a brand that is made in the USA and meets strict food safety standards. Look for a brand that is made in its own kitchen, as these brands have more control over the ingredients. Also, look for an ingredient list that is high in whole, nutritious protein. These ingredients are good indicators of a high-quality product.


While the quality of Nature’s Menu dog food isn’t the best, it’s still a decent option for some dogs. The company makes foods using human-grade poultry, red meat, and sustainably sourced fish. It also uses botanicals, seeds, and natural oils. Its suppliers are carefully vetted and the entire production process is traceable. The food is produced in a new factory in Norfolk, Virginia, and follows a strict animal welfare policy.

The majority of the recipes in Nature’s Menu contain some kind of animal meat, like muscle and organ meat. Organ meats are rich in vitamins and minerals that can be very helpful to your dog’s health. Liver is especially nutritious. Unlike muscle meat, organ meat is much more beneficial to your dog’s overall health. It also contains taurine, an amino acid needed for heart function. A deficiency of taurine can lead to dilated cardiomyopathy, a serious health problem that has been linked to grain-free diets. To prevent this, you can supplement your dog’s food with taurine and probiotic supplements. This will also improve your dog’s digestive health.

Nature’s Menu is a mid-tier brand of dog food. The company has a few different varieties of dry dog food. We chose to review two of the brands in this line, which has varying nutrient profiles. Chicken is the first ingredient, and it contains up to 73% water, though most of this is lost during cooking. Chicken meal, on the other hand, contains nearly 300 percent more protein than fresh chicken. Ground rice, also known as rice flour, is another ingredient in the line. It is a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.

The company recently launched a new dog food line called True Instinct. The new range has received a lot of positive reviews. The company has a thorough understanding of the nutritional needs of pets. By offering high-quality, natural dog food, they are helping pet owners make a closer bond with their furry friends.

Salmonella contamination

A recall has been issued for the Nature’s Menu Super Premium Dog Food due to concerns of salmonella contamination. The recalled product was distributed nationwide. A sample from Georgia tested positive for the presence of salmonella, but several samples from the same lot were negative. This suggests that the contamination is not evenly distributed among the lots, so consumers should return any recalled product for a full refund.

Fortunately, the company has been proactive about the recall and is working with the FDA to resolve the situation. This recall was initiated after an investigation by the Georgia Department of Agriculture revealed salmonella in a 3-pound bag. Other bags in the same lot tested negative, so Sunshine Mills contacted retailers and asked them to remove the recalled products from their inventories. It’s important to check your pantry to ensure you do not have any recalled products.

Salmonella can cause serious illness in humans. The symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, and lethargy. In rare cases, your dog may become lethargic and exhibit symptoms similar to those of human food poisoning. In addition, infected pets can also be carriers of the bacteria and infect other pets and humans. So, if you suspect your dog has consumed contaminated food, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

Sunshine Mills recalled a lot of its Nature’s Menu Premium Dog Food after a test indicated the food had a Salmonella contamination. This food was distributed to stores nationwide.