Five Fold Bet Explained

Double bets offer a more challenging alternative to a single bet and can make the bettor a very high return if they are correct. However, anyone looking to place this kind of a bet needs to know the sport and the participants they are betting on in fine detail if they are to earn the kind of payouts available. In some races, people will use horse racing each-way bets to cover more bases and get a better chance of winning a profit. An each-way bet is a two-part bet, with half the stake going on the selection to win and the other half on the selection to place. It costs double that of a traditional win bet and will yield some sort of return if the selection wins or is placed. A minimum of two selections must win or place to get a return on the bet, the winning will obviously depend on the stake wagered, odds and if you bet win or each-way bet.

Tote betting is a betting type which works somewhat like a jackpot. Essentially, you are placing bets on an event by adding money to a pool, or prize amount. This is one of the popular bet types which many punters like to choose as it still offers good profits and isn’t as tricky as some of the other options. A minimum of two selections must win or place to get a return on your bet. A Canadian Bet is a type of wager which consists of 26 individual bets. For more details check out our guide here on accumulator bets.

You then come into touch with the option of an ‘each way’ accumulator too. I promise people do win bets like the one above – and also some with much better odds too – but I know the idea of winning an eight-fold might seem unrealistic to you. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the same group of fixtures with a smaller, less ambitious number in mind. Most people approach an accumulator with one thing in mind and, amazingly, it’s not actually winning.

If your accumulator is currently winning whilst the selections are still currently playing, your cash-out price may be in profit and you can either just take the money or see it out. Then place the selections you want into your bet slip and place the bet. You can however also remove selections from your bet slip before you finalise the bet.

The bet includes a single on each selection, plus 3 doubles and 1 treble. For example, if your 3 selections were A, B, and C, then your 7 bets would be A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, and ABC. One of the most popular strategies punters use for theirUK and Irish horse racingaccumulators is to combine a string of short-priced favourites into a single bet. Casual punters don’t tend to like backing sure-fire winners at 1/5. Therefore, if you can combine five likely winners at 1/5 you can lock in a payout of almost £25, including your stake. That’s a little more exciting than placing £10 on a single 1/5 shot and coming away with £2 profit.

David is a sports fanatic with a particular interest in stats and figures. When not writing about sports, you would probably find him playing or watching football, researching stats or sharing the latest news with anyone willing to listen. However, if you’re looking to place each-way bets, only a few sports offer this.

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