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Thousands of families in our local community are struggling to make ends meet. Often, many responsible pet owners will deny themselves proper nutrition, just so that they can afford to feed their pets.

At Pets Xtra we believe that nobody should have to live in this way. We’re dedicated to preventing this from happening in our community and to stopping animals and owners from needlessly suffering. That is why we are one of those rare pet shops that offer an animal food bank to people on low incomes.

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Subject to certain terms and conditions, some members of our community can enjoy access to our animal food bank to feed their pets in times of need. As pet owners ourselves, we recognise that animals are a vital part of owners’ lives. It can be devastating to give up an animal that you have cared for for a long time, just because the owner cannot afford to feed it. The purpose of our animal food bank, therefore, is to provide cost-effective food to struggling owners to prevent pets from being separated from their families


Compassion and Respect

Our food bank operation is based on our compassion and respect for animals. We see it as a natural extension of our core mission to ensure that animals in our community can thrive.