about us

Pets Xtra is a family run business, dedicated to the welfare of our animals and the wider community. We are a professional company that takes accreditation seriously. Our staff have an excellent safety record and ensure that their work attains the highest standards possible at all times.

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Pet owners

As the owners of Pets Xtra, we work in the shop alongside the animals that we sell. We have a very particular direction in which we would like to take our business, and we’re determined to be there to see it through. All of the people at our family business are pet owners themselves. As a result, we’re passionate about the health and wellbeing of all the animals in our care. We never keep animals in cramped and crowded conditions. And we make special arrangements to ensure that each species’ unique living requirements are met during their stay with us. Our pets are always ready to settle down in their next home.



Our staff are certified to City and Guilds NVQ3 in Pet Shop Management. This means that we have a great deal of technical skills and knowledge in running and maintaining a happy and healthy pet store.


City and guilds NVQ3 approvead and qualified.


We’re also an ethical business that goes out of its way to ensure the well-being of animals in our wider community. We make every effort to rehome rescue animals, often for free. And we offer poorer people in our community access to our animal food bank which they can use to feed their pets.


our services

  • animal boarding
  • pet acessories
  • reptile
  • small animals
  • birds
  • rescue animals

we are open

  • mon-sat
  • tuesday
  • sunday
  • 10am - 5pm
  • 9am - 5pm
  • 10am - 2pm